Tyler, The Creator. Relyt, Eht RotaerC.

Wolf Gang, Golf Wang.

Flog Gnaw.


I don’t have a therapist, so I use me as my own therapist when I’m making the music.” – Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the Creator, at the age of 25 has a net worth of $4 million. His worth when it comes to numbers I believe is only going to rise substantially in the years to come. Tyler’s net worth surpasses many artists around his age. Some of which are very well-known too, such as: Chief Keef,  Hopsin and Chicago’s own, Chance the Rapper. Real quick, I am going to give a synopsis of Chance the Rapper and how he is quite the creative artist in similar ways to Tyler.


Chance The Rapper portrait. Artist unknown.

Chance is an Independent artist (similarly, artist Hopsin, had his own Independent record label, however it didn’t quite work out). He refused to sign to a record label, and this was a smart decision. Chance has been rapidly rising with success and stardom. Independent artists like him, get to do what a lot of signed artists can’t. All though, it is definitely not easy and a lot of work. It takes dedication, blood, sweat, tears and most of all a creative, visionary mind. One example of the extra length Independent artists go to is by touring very regularly, scratch that constantly, and selling their merchandise. There are other ways as well, but with Chance, his decision to be an Independent artist… Just may have been the best decision of his life.

Furthermore, this past summer Chance put on his OWN festival at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, “Magnificent Coloring Day”. The rapper pulled in a lot of money for this event, and had huge artists perform, such as John Legend, Alicia Keys, 2-Chainz, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and even a fan shocking surprise when Kanye West unexpectedly walked on stage and performed a few songs. I expect that soon enough Chance will be in the multi millions like Tyler.

Odd Future “Oldie” Photo Shoot.

Tyler, the GOBLIN, Samuel, Ace the Creator, Wolf Hayley or Tron Cat. His multiple personalities heard throughout his album, is just one example of how creative this guy is. Wolf Gang, Golf Wang. By 2007, the collective group Odd Future was already formed and on the rise. Tyler originally formed this group with Jasper Dolphin but most people think of Odd Future as Tyler’s creation. Wolf Gang derived from the fact that Tyler is personified as a Wolf, leader of the pack. Odd Future is comprised of musicians whose genre is Alternative hip hop. This genre is the kind of rap that does not conform to any traditional forms of rap. Odd Future has been compared to the likes of Wu-Tang Clan and N.W.A- (N…..Wit Attitudes formed in 1986, some consider this collective from Compton, California to be thee most influential group and the greatest hip hop music in history). Both of those groups are legendary due to their ruthless and rambunctious behavior. The collective is loud, explicit, and can you guess it? They also tend to disregard authority, not all but they each share their blunt opinions and are not afraid of what others think.

Deluxe edition cover. Singles from Goblin.

Young Tyler at the age of only 20, was signed to his first label. This label gave him more freedom than the norm. XL Recordings released Tyler’s second album titled Goblin. His first album Bastard, was released Independently by him and took off from there. He made it clear to XL Recordings that he wants to have a lot of control and be able to bring all his ideas to life, because he sure has a ton of them. Tyler’s early work was dark, his raps consisted of depth, explaining his battles of depression and he openly talks about not having a father in the picture. He produces his own music videos and the video for his song “Yonkers” got a Grammy nomination. 

“Yonkers” Music Video

“I’ll lay you down, and we’ll stare at my cats” – Loiter Squad quotes.

Not only has he achieved fame through his raps, but he also was a composer of a TV Show on Adult Swim called Loiter Squad, starred and created with Odd Future members. This show is a ten minute series of short comedy “sketches” (scenes).  It came out in 2012 and had 3 seasons, with a total of 31 episodes. In interviews he’s told hopes of making beats and directing movies aside legendary directors like Quentin Tarantino… And quitting rapping, because he hates to rap. How ironic, or should I say “paradoxical” (how Tyler has referred to himself in multiple songs) considering this is how he achieved his stardom.

Short Clip of Tyler in Loiter Squad 


Tyler’s original self-portrait of his third studio album titled Cherry Bomb released in 2015

Tyler is a rapper in a different realm. I have studied a lot of musicians, more so ones of the past because most of the mainstream music these days bores me and lacks the creativity that I crave.Tyler is a prodigy of creativity. Exactly the rapper I was looking for without even looking, he finally found a way to fall into my lap… From rapping to directing his own music videos, to establishing a popular clothing brand, a collaboration with his design on Vans shoes, and hosting yearly one of thee most epic carnivals, Camp Flog Wnag. Packed with some of the hottest artists, new and old. Many critics agree that his festival can be considered one of a kind, and one the best. Tyler brought a lot to the table and as he stated, he plans to continue this…

“I’ve got some sick ideas and I’m happy I’ve got enough people around me that trust them…”